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I bought the house, everything finally came through, and I've moved! Haven't unpacked more than the kitchen (in fact, I'm staying at Quin's tonight), but at least it's started. Now what I'd really like to do is write something awesome and creative, and bad news: my computer is in my house (I'm at Quin's...) with all my stuff on it. :( So I thought, "No problem! I have this idea that Dark and I have been considering..." Only after I wrote a couple of paragraphs, I was like, "Shit. I don't know some of the specifics I need to know." So THEN I grabbed a character sheet and figured I could at least fill that out, but it requires too much thought. (In other words, I realized I hadn't thought of a freakin' NAME for the poor dude.)


My happy pills have kept me sane during all this. I'm tired, but I don't think I'm about to crash. (Check in again Friday, though, after I've worked Weds/Thurs/Fri and I'm still trying to unpack, and you may hear a different story.)

Anyway. Life is progressing, and it's pretty awesome -- despite these minor glitches. ;)



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